Examinations and Promotions

  • Regular periodical tests will be held in addition to the terminal examination.
  • Promotion will depend on evaluation of these tests and the terminal examination.
  • Pupils absent from an examination for any reason are out re-examined and those absent from an examination without grave reasons will be considered as having failed. in the case of illness a doctor's certificate should be produced.
  • Absence from one or more subjects involves a loss of mark for those subjects and excludes the pupils from being reckoned in order of merit or rank in the examinations and from proficiency prize.
  • Report cards are sent with the children after the terminal examinations. They should be signed and returned by the parents within three days.
  • Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered nor will the answer paper be shown.
  • A student failing twice in the same class will have to discontinue his/her studies in the school.
  • The question paper for the Annual Examination in all major subjects will be set from the whole syllabus of the year.
  • No pupil will be admitted to any of the examinations unless he/she has paid all school dues and has the required attendance.
  • Purposefully abstaining from examinations or boycotting examinations will invite dismissal from school.
  • Promotions are done on the basis of the results of First Terminal, Half Yearly, Final Exams, Monthly tests and internal assessment. If a student has not appeared in any of the tests fully or partially, he/she must obtain 40/100 marks in all the subjects in the Annual Examinations for passing.
    Unfair Means : A student who uses any form of unfair means or receives or gives assistance during test or examination or tampers with the evaluated answer sheets in any way, or alters marks in the report card or in the answer sheets will have his/her paper cancelled. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Any form of malpractice during the examination is punishable with the cancellation of paper and expulsion from school.

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